Soft ovarian stimulation does not have the same effects in all patients

Soft ovarian stimulation does not have the same effects in all patients

A large study has analysed several projects to compare the response that different types of patients (normal, low or high responders) have to soft ovarian stimulation (oral medication, lower dose and shorter duration) compared to conventional treatments.

To this end, extensive research has been carried out and data have been collected from several relevant trials that have been done with control groups and published until January 2019 in electronic databases (Medline, EMBASE, LILACS-BIREME, CINAHL, The Cochrane Library CENTRAL (Cochrane Register), Web of Science, Trip Database and Open Grey, etc.).

In total, 48 works were analysed: 18 corresponded to low responders, 27 normal respondents and 3 related to high responders.

The results revealed that in women who presented a low response to stimulation, the birth rates of live children were comparable between those who had performed soft stimulation treatments and those who had carried out a conventional treatment.

However, in women who presented a normal response, the rate of live births was much higher in cases in which conventional stimulation treatment was applied.

Finally, in high responders, the rate of live births was similar among those who carried out soft and conventional ovarian stimulation treatments.

This is the first study that analyses these three differential protocols between soft and conventional ovarian stimulation treatments taking into account different patient profiles. However, the authors indicate that these results should be interpreted with prudence, and guidelines for action cannot be established, due to the high statistical heterogeneity of the studies analysed.

Session: Mild vs. Conventional stimulation for in vitro fertilization: a stratified meta-analysis according to the level of ovarian response

Montoya1 y 2, I. González-Foruria2, I. Rodríguez2, B. Coroleu2, P.N. Barri2, N.P. Polyzos2.
1 Conceptum, Reproductive Medicine and Infertility, Bogota, Colombia.
2 Dexeus University Hospital, Reproductive Medicine Department, Barcelona, Spain.

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